Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[Freeload] Dungeonteller RPG Hero Pack Now Available

Hey there, I've taken the free preview pack off of now that the full book is out. Thanks to the hundreds of people who downloaded it -- I hope it whet your appetite to buy the full-on version, available here.


  1. This really looks cool indeed! Can you give us any idea as to when the full game will be released?

    1. I'm just putting it together now, it should be ready by the end of July. It will include the entire player pack plus a dungeonteller pack with expanded explanations of key rules, descriptions of actions and powers, a default campaign setting (linked to Big Hexyland of course), treasures and magic items. I'm leaning towards releasing the monster book separately, but may end up bundling it with the dungeonteller pack (this would jack up the page count and price).