Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OK, DTRPG Put in a Reasonable Fix, Please Buy Lots from Them

So DTRPG is going to allow customers who choose to peek behind the Adult Content curtain to flag a product as offensive. Does that mean a lone pearl-clutcher will be able to torpedo a product that gives them the willies? No. Does it mean that Steve Wieck will have to make some judgement calls? Yes. He can do that. It's his web site. It's not a First Amendment issue and it's not censorship. DTRPG is not a public service, although it dominates the market to the degree that it's easy to forget that. You don't have a right to be picked up by a distributor if they think your work doesn't reflect well on them as a brand. Dry your tears and go spend some money on games that make you happy. I just did.

1 comment:

  1. So true! I just recently came across your Dungeonteller came and was trawling through your site looking for more info. Man I remember this drama from a few years ago and all the 'edgy' whiners. Just playing to their edgelord base and completely ignoring the meaning of 'Freedom of Speech' to foster their narrative.

    Anyway, well said!