Thursday, August 11, 2016

On the Workbench after Rock Opera '79

Rock Opera '79 is nearing publication -- the Rockiverse has so many adventure possibilities that I keep seeing more locales to flesh out, factions to develop, and corners of the game world's history to expand. But safe to say, it is nearly done and will be available in PDF and hard copy form. It's going to rock hard.

I'm headed off on vacation tomorrow and that's a good time to sit down with a notebook and plan my next RPG for publication. This might be "FALL UNTERWELT 1945" ("Case Underworld 1945"). The elevator pitch is that you and your buddies are a rag-tag team of WW2 commandos in a fantasy world, shooting up Nazi orcs with Sten guns and tossing grenades through dungeon doors. Unlike Dungeonteller and Rock Opera '79, FU 1945 (I may have to work on that abbreviation) may not be as groundbreaking with game mechanics this time, but who knows. It may just come out as an OSR-compatible add-on that you can insert into your own fantasy campaign.