Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big Hexyland Preview: Node Mode

So here is one of the nine maps in the forthcoming Big Hexyland PDF:
Copyright Doug Anderson 2014.

And here, on the facing page, is a node map with succinct notes about each location and how they connect. The sunburst icon next to each node indicates the typical days' travel time through that node:
Copyright Doug Anderson 2014.

You can let players use the features map while you reference  the node map. No index, no thumbing through a gazetteer. Plenty of room to add your own notes. Picture nine of these maps, each with its own "node mode" key page, and you get the idea.


  1. I'm not a gamer (sorry !) but I'm impressed by this work !
    your maps are really nice !

    1. Thanks, Sam -- I wonder what your interests are if not gaming?

    2. I like to paint figures and such things, create some sceneries, sometimes vignettes and little dios !
      I'm addict to painting !