Tuesday, July 8, 2014

[Preview] Dungeonteller Cover Art Promo

I am are very close to publication of the dungeonteller full PDF, which will include everything in the free player's pack plus detailed descriptions of actions and cool powers, the Stormgate city map and location descriptions, the Quibble Marches "Big Hexyland" map, plot generator, villain generator, dungeon generator, lots of microposters for explaining turn order, combat and movement, illustrated treasure tables, and a few sample monsters from the forthcoming monster book. This is my love letter to the Holmes blue book and I hope the love shows.

While you're waiting for it to appear on drivethrurpg.com, show me a little love by purchasing a poster, mug, or tee shirt with the cover art at my crappy little merchandise shop:

Heady days!


  1. YEAH, looking GOOD! Can't wait for this to be released! Screw the kids, I'm playing this with adults! :-) A love letter to Holmes blue book, eh? Well, this might actually make me finally like Holmes' "edition"!

  2. I just got my copy of the poster from cafepress.com. I'm pretty happy with it. My kid appropriated it and it's now taped to her bedroom wall.