Monday, January 19, 2015

Are you a True Dickhead or a Reasonable Actor? Find your Gamer Alignment (and GM Alignment Too!)

A while back, I came up with the 8 Gamer Alignments to articulate 8 common approaches to playing Our Favorite Pastime. Like the classic D&D alignment chart, It has two opposing axes, but in this case: dickhead-reasonable and actor-gamer. You can be, for example, a Reasonable Actor, or a True Dickhead, or a Dickhead Gamer. But you can't be an Actor-Gamer or a Reasonable-Dickhead. You get the idea.

My current game group includes two True Actors, two Reasonable Gamers, and one True Gamer. I simply can't play with anyone on the Dickhead side of the wheel, although I understand that for some gamers, that is gaming. How about you?

Bonus: the 8 GM Alignments, where the axes are judge-fudge and rat bastard-enabler.


  1. I think (hope) I fall on the reasonable axis of the gamer alignment, though hovering round, rather than falling on, True Reasonable.
    I am fortunate that my main DM is a True Enabler, although that makes it sound a bit like a co-dependent relationship ;)

    P.S. The diagram reminds me of a certain community college's coat-of-arms ;)

  2. Not intentional, although some gamers I've met certainly could be described with that anatomical term. Long live Greendale Community College!

  3. I'm an enabler-judge I've caught myself saying "really, the lord of the seven keys, thief of the crystal serpent, sword in the dark. is going to do that, really, just think about it and...really?"

    1. It really is hard to bite your tongue in situations like that.