Saturday, January 17, 2015

HeroForge 3D Printed Minis Arrive

At last, six HeroForge 3D printed custom 28mm miniatures arrived at my door. I chose the "less durable/ultra-fine detail" option.

First impressions:

1. They are in true 28mm scale, and wouldn't look out of place with other minis.
2. They are faithful to the digital mockups you see in the character creator.
3. They are indeed fragile. The haft of the paladin's hammer snapped right off when I picked him up. If I ordered more, I would be wary of having any thin elements like spears, wands, or bows.
4. They take spray primer fairly well. Doing so really allows you to see the surface details.
5. The level of detail is excellent.

Oh, and either HeroForge or Shapeways messed up the order, sending me a mini I did not order in place of one that I did order. 

Photos below:
Paladin, before his hammer broke.

Really quite nice looking.

Paladin with busted hammer and white spray primer.


  1. Update: I heard back from HeroForge almost immediately after I told them one of the minis was missing. They graciously put in a replacement order to Shapeways and were very pleasant to deal with.

  2. Hey Doug,

    Would you actually be able to game with these models or are they more for display only. I am thinking I may order the lesser detail ones just so I can get them on the table...though I am sort of torn.

    If you were to order more would you get the detail ones or not? They do look good.

    I have my minis design in their character creator ready to go. It's just I am on the fence as to what material would be best.


    David S.

    PS: Are you planning on painting them up?

    1. Hi David,
      I think they would hold up to gentle play. You wouldn't want to scoop them up by the handful and drop them on the table. Considering how pricey they are, you're probably not going to have hordes of them anyhow. Don't bother with the low detail/more durable option. Go with the high detail/less durable option. I'm definitely painting them as soon as I'm motivated to do so. I already have them spray primed.

  3. Good info! I am going to get on the ball and order a couple.

    Our group does not use pre-paints...or if we do they have been re-painted. Most of the figs we use are metal. If anyone (ie a stranger or newbie to our group) was to scoop up a handfull of our miniatures they would probably get punched in the head. We're the sort of group that paints our figure's eyes. :)

    Looking forward to seeing how Kefl Dür turns out.

    take care.