Monday, July 13, 2015

Amazing Labyrinth 1:1 Scale

I'm back from a two-week family vacation in Bavaria and the Swiss Alps. So many gaming inspirations... We made a side trip to Ravensburger Spieleland, a kid-friendly theme park created by the Eurogame company of the same name. Among the attractions was a life-size version of their Amazing Labyrinth game -- a dungeon maze with walls you can shift, fake doors (and real ones), slides, and cute fiberglass monsters.
When you enter, you get a time-stamped ticket. You have to find four named monsters in the maze and punch your ticket with the uniquely-shaped hole puncher found at each monster. If you can find all of them and get out within 4 minutes, you can get a pre-recorded cheer from the kiosk at the exit (honor system because Germany).

Enjoy the pics.
Literally "Crazy Labyrinth"

This guy makes fart sounds.

Not sure the Fabio hair is working.

Owlbear-sized owl.

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