Saturday, June 2, 2012

DNDNext, More Impressions

Thanks for everyone's input/reactions to the last post.
Next up: recovering hp. We're presented with short rests and long rests. The short rest is about patching yourself up after an encounter; the long rest is about full hp recovery after a good long R&R. If nothing untoward happens to you until you hit zero hp, I've never understood why you would ever need to rest more than a few minutes to get all your hp back. It makes much more sense to me to lose hp and maybe gain disadvantage when you skip long-term rests and not get them back until your character gets some sleep and nourishment. That seems more elegant and makes hp loss a consequence of, not a reason for, setting up camp and getting some shuteye:
"If you don't take a long rest within a given 24 hour period, your maximum hp drops by one point and you gain disadvantage. You lose an additional max hp after every encounter until you rest."
A much-trimmed condition list follows. Once again, grumpy, sleepy, bashful, dopey, happy, sneezy, and doc have been left of the list, despite all those letters I wrote to Mike Mearls on company stationary insisting on their inclusion. The list is actually a tidy compromise between "You'll suffer at the whim of the DM" and "Wait, am I shaken, frightened, or panicked?"
Electrum's back! And I will be too, later.




  1. Your method of penalties for not resting is actually quite sensible.

    1. Thanks. As written, the long rest is a typical nanny rule, whereas I'd like the option to stay up late if I wanna, even if I'm dead tired tomorrow, because I'm having fun busting down doors and killing things NOW. Don't enforce prudence, just punish recklessness.

  2. I do like your use of disadvantage for lack of rest. I'm still not sold on full recovery as of yet. I have to catch up on your NEXT impressions.