Monday, December 7, 2015

The Dungeonteller Con Squad is On the Move!

If you live in the midwest USA and are going to WinterWar, why not play some Dungeonteller hosted by David Thiel, out latest Dungeonteller Con Squad Captain?

The details:

Winter War: January 29-31, 2016 at the Hawthorn Suites in Champaign, IL.
Saturday 9 AM: Dungeonteller: The Terrible Tunnels of Turvog-Ti (4 hrs)Role Playing Game  |  Dungeonteller  | 6 of 6 Seats Left Newcomers Welcome  | All Ages (6+)  | $2.00

Presented By : David Thiel
Dungeonteller is an easy-to-learn fantasy RPG designed for kids and their game-curious grown-ups. experienced monster-bashers will enjoy it as well! Who is Turvog-Ti, and why does he annually invite adventurers to brave his twisted tunnels? Some believe he will bestow a valuable prize upon those who reach the bottom. Some believe that those other people are kidding themselves, and that Turvog-Ti's pets have grown hungry again since last year. Who's right? Will you find out? Will you be lunch?

Note that ages 6+ are welcome! Can your RPG do that?
For running the game, David is getting MonsterMore, Venture Hold, Big Hexyland, and Ultimate Hand-drawn Iso Counters FREE. A value of $14!

I hope all you Prairie Staters out there will bring your kids to game with David!


  1. Well, now I *have* to run it! (Looks like I've already got three out of six signed up, but if it fills up I'll add another event.)

    Thanks again!

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