Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Year-End Wrap-Up 2014

This was the most productive year ever for Blue Boxer Rebellion. Here's a quick recap, which is really just an excuse to thank you all for the fantastic response to my work and a special welcome to everyone who joined the blog this year.

June: Big Hexyland ate up much of my creative energy for the first half of the year. Nine modular megahexes created as vector files in Illustrator that you can arrange in a zillion combinations or drop one by one into an existing campaign. Each map was released with a node crawl map with capsule descriptions of each area. The fact that it's the default setting for Dungeonteller isn't bad, either. I am working on the sequel and actually previewed the first hex back in September.

July: was the biggest month ever, with the release of the Dungeonteller Fantasy RPG core rules, the Dungeonteller Monster Book, and a PDF of cut-n-fold paper counters for every hero and monster in the game. These projects were the result of three years of intense work and play testing and I'm absolutely proud of them. They are my dream game, presented in a clean, visually-oriented format that makes them accessible to everyone.

September: I had a lot of pent up desire to grab a pencil and draw after spending so much time with Illustrator and InDesign doing vector and layout work, so I blazed through the task of creating the Ultimate Hand-drawn Isometric Battle Maps PDF in about a month. Like my previous iso battle maps, they are an entirely new way of making your dungeons come alive for your players as handouts AND as battle maps you can use with 25mm minis or with the tailor-made Dungeonteller monster counters.

October: I delivered three commissioned battle maps to the Winter Eternal Indiegogo campaign, entirely compatible with the Ultimate Iso Battle Maps. I loved making these atmospheric vignettes of a magic-punk fantasy world locked in an everlasting cold snap. I also introduced a 7th hero class to the Dungeonteller canon: the witch, available as a free PDF.

Since then, I have been working on a huge Dungeonteller module with a town map and eight dungeon levels. Half-jokingly I've been referring to it as either "In Search of the Unpwned" or "Entry Level" but should probably come up with a more serious name. I wanted to have it done by January 1, and damn I'm close, but might not make it for a week or so.

Once again, Rock Opera '79 has to wait a bit -- I really wanted to have a spanking new Dungeonteller campaign for folks to play besides Welcome to the Plunderdome.

Again, thanks for supporting my work either through commissioned art, buying my PDFs on drivethrurpg.com, or simply hitting that +1 button or leaving an encouraging comment. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

8 Levels Deep

Finished drawing the dungeon maps for "Entry Level", the upcoming Dungeonteller adventure. Next up, scanning them, keying them and writing the encounters.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

HeroForge 3D Printable Minis Screenshots

Posting screenshots of two of the custom minis I'm ordering through the Kickstarter reward for HeroForge. Even if you don't actually order the minis, the screenshot feature is a great way to create character portraits.
Shown are Kefl Dür, my D&D level 22 barbarian/rogue, and Kat aka Ekaterina, level 15 rogue/thief-acrobat, from a longstanding campaign back in the 3e and 3.5e era. Cool!

Kefl Dür