Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pix from Hero Forge Character Creator Beta

A while back I bought into the HeroForge Kickstarter. If you haven't heard of it, well, they will let you design a custom mini online, then deliver it to you as a 3D-printed plastic figure. The beta version of the character designer is open now to backers, and here are two dynamic poses of the same character I made in about three minutes. You can adjust the character's height, build, hair, armor, pose, and gear in thousands of ways. If they pull this off, it's going to change the way I buy minis for my PCs and name NPCs.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

[Battle Map] Commissioned Map

This is one of three maps I'm drawing for MornĂ© Schaap's Winter Eternal Indiegogo campaign. All the maps will be 100% compatible with my most recent battle map tile set. This map is meant to represent a segment of a covered roadway that connects cities ravaged by an icy apocalypse. Note the break in the wall with a snow pile tumbling in!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hand-Drawn Iso Battle Maps Now Available

Don't just map your dungeons. Illustrate them. Page after page of cut-and-glue floors, walls, and features to make your fantasy RPGs pop off the table. Buy the new set here.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

End of Summer Roundup

Well, it was a productive summer here at BBR. I finished the definitive full-color versions of the Dungeonteller core rules AND the Dungeonteller monster book AND put out fold-n-play counters of EVERY Dungeonteller monster. It's all available in PDF format here for a reasonable price given that it's copiously illustrated in full color and designed to be a pleasure to read.
The definitive set of hand-drawn iso battle maps is only a week or so away from publication. And I'm making three custom battle maps for MornĂ© Schaap's Winter Eternal indiegogo campaign. After that I will get Rock Opera '79 into shape for release by year's end.

Monday, September 8, 2014

[Iso Battle Maps] Back Walls Added

Some of you have been asking about including walls in the set. I hand-drew a full page of stone wall texture that you can cut and paste to make walls as room backdrops. Cutting and fitting them is a bit tricky but they do a good job of letting you know how tall the ceiling is in a given room. I would consider them an option for more advanced builders! Note how I've shown two ways of doing cutaway walls (curvy edge and stepped).
The wall texture can double as a cliff or sheer drop, too.

Monday, September 1, 2014


The iso tile ideas just keep flowing. This is a page of wall features, including, from top left, ossuary, torch, shackles, cistern, fireplace, bricked-up doorway, niche, broken wall/mousehole, and shrine with arch and plinth.

Like all asymmetrical tiles in the forthcoming set, I will offer a mirror version of this page so that you can place a tile on a SW-NE wall or a NW-SE wall.