Sunday, August 25, 2013

Roots Check: Name that Dungeon!

If you know what dungeon this is from, you're old-school. Or maybe just old.
By Doug Anderson. Pencil and PhotoShop, 2013.

More Insane Dungeon Mapping

Bosun's chair. Evil mouth that spits victims into the abyss. I'm on a roll.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Hand-Drawn Iso Battle Map

I've done a bunch of these in the past week to go along with a dungeon I wrote for the next Dungeonteller book. 25mm figures for scale. Interesting anamorphic effects depending on the camera angle.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The FLGS That Levelled-up into a Non-Profit Youth Center

Positive youth development through games. Read on:

"In 1996, Ray and Patricia Estabrook opened a retail store, All About Games, in Belfast [Maine]. Shortly after All About Games opened, the Estabrooks found their shop filled to bursting with youth of all ages who wanted to play (or learn how to play) non-electronic games. They tried to incorporate the game playing into the running of their store, but  eventually realized their store could not be a business and a youth center at the same time. Instead of just kicking the kids out and going on with their lives, they saw that there was a serious need for a place for the youth of Belfast to go and decided to do something about it..." 

[From the Game Loft website]

So they morphed from a gaming store to a non-profit youth center. And they're still going strong today. In fact, they just got their independent IRS non-profit status so that donations can be made directly instead of through an umbrella organization. You can donate here.

The Game Loft runs table-top games for local teens, often integrates military history and local history into their activities. They run LARP combats, MtG tourneys, you name it. They even feed the kids hot dinners.

OK, here's my challenge to you. Choose your own adventure:
  • go to and donate right now.
  • if you own a gaming store, consider switching to the Game Loft model. Or if you are a patron of a gaming store that's choked full of young people but struggles to make a profit, wise the owners up to The Game Loft.
  • Join the Game Loft's Facebook page and tell them what a great job they're doing.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Monster Preview] Harpy

New harpy illustration for the Dungeonteller monster book. I've been looking at shopping Dungeonteller to several non-RPG publishers who do more mainstream game/puzzle books, but it that doesn't pan out, I'll still put out the next iteration of the game as a POD physical book or PDF. Meantime, enjoy. 

Harpy, 2013.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

It's A Dungeon Map... No, It's a Battle Mat

Good to be back after a long fishing holiday. Doug 1, Trout 0. I've created nearly all the monster illustrations for the monster book, and I'm working on another Dungeonteller adventure. This adventure will be bundled with the next version of the rulebook, and will include 25mm scale perspective maps that you can use with miniatures or improvised counters:

Each map can be printed on a standard piece of paper or cardstock. The style is 100% compatible with the cutaway dungeon maps I've been posting here for free. Of course, there's a master map that shows each battle mat in relation to the whole dungeon. You can mark 'em up, color on them, write notes. And they are VERY stingy on printer ink. The effect is pretty wow.