Saturday, February 20, 2021

So as I was Saying...

 Rock Opera '79 is available from DrivethruRPG in PDF format!

Link here:

In the distant future of 1979, can you overthrow the evil Discocracy and restore rock’s right to rule?

Imagine your favorite rock band of all time. Better yet, a supergroup with stars from legendary acts that never had the chance to jam together in real life. Now imagine you and your friends are in that band. And you’re starring in a dystopian, science-fiction rock opera, where rock is outlawed and disco music is used to keep the population docile and distracted. 

You’ll start from the bottom of the heap, and go head-to-head in rock rumbles with rival outlaw bands, competing for fans. One moment you’re screaming down Highway 9 on your chopper bikes, guitars slung over your back. The next moment, you’re taking the stage in a dive bar to duke it out with another hungry rock act. With some airplay from pirate radio and an army of fans, you could take on the Discocracy and liberate the masses. But the shadowy Man in charge of the opposition has a fiendish array of minions to throw at you, from android spies to ham-fisted bouncers and sexy sirens. If it happened in a classic rock opera or in your favorite 70s dystopian science fiction flick, it’s here!

All you need to play are a bunch of standard dice of the same size and weight.


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