Monday, September 19, 2011


The Villain-o-Matic Villain Designer. Choose one from each category:
What you crave
The source of your power
Your leadership style
Your domain
Your weakness
and, voila, instant villain!

What you crave:
Depravity: You enjoy doing bad things for their own sake. 
Justification: "I follow my desires, and do not accept arbitrary limits upon my freedom imposed by weaklings."
Revenge: You're driven by a thirst for revenge against those who did you wrong.
Justification: "I seek only justice for those who have harmed me."
Power: You want to rule the world.
Justification: "If only I were in charge, the world would be a better place."
Orthodoxy: Your schemes are driven by extreme, rigid beliefs or principles that do not allow you to make any exceptions to the rule.
Justification: "I am saving the souls of those who worship false idols or follow foolish ideas."
Riches: You want gold, silver, and jewels.
Justification: "Those who can't hold onto their treasure, don't deserve it."
Respect: You want to show the world that you are someone to be reckoned with.
Justification: "I deserve the recognition that my detractors have denied me."
Chaos: You want to see the world in flames -- the very idea of a peaceful, orderly world arouses your hatred and spite.
"If I can't be happy, then no one will be."
Immortality: Death might be ok for ordinary folk, but not for you.
Justification: "When I have secured immortality, I can rule forever without worrying about what will happen in my absence."

The source of your power is:
Arcane Knowledge: You're a high-level spell-caster of some kind.
Posession: You're possessed or controlled by an extraplanar creature, like a demon or evil deity.
Monstrous: You are a dragon,a powerful undead, or some other inherently formidable type of creature.
An Artifact: You owe it all to an ancient artifact or extremely powerful magic item.
Armed Might: You are a supremely powerful warrior to the point of being nearly invincible.
Pure Charisma: Regardless of your actual power or ability, you have the gift of leadership, and have always been able to attract devoted followers.
Connections: You are a master at networking, building a web of powerful allies who provide you with support as needed.
Inherited: You were lucky enough to be born into a powerful family, and have used your legacy to further your evil ends.

Your leadership style is:
Whimsical:You make life-and-death decisions on the spur of the moment, as the mood strikes you.
Methodical: You weigh all options carefully before choosing the most promising one.
Paranoiac: You imagine plots and enemies everywhere -- your decisions are rooted in fear, distrust, and suspicion, even of your closest advisors.
Remote: You are a mystery to all but your top henchmen.

Your domain is:
Concentrated: You rule over a particular area, large or small, according to your stature as a villain. It could be a tower, a city, or an entire kingdom, but outside that area, your power is limited.
Distributed: You have many nodes of power, spread over a wide area, but do not overtly rule anything.
Proximate: Wherever you are, that's where your power is greatest, and when you leave, things go back to normal.
Thematic: Your domain is tied to a particular concept, like shadow, flame, or storm. You can manifest your power anywhere tied to your theme.

Your weakness is:
A bad temper: When you get angry, you make poor decisions.
A dependent: Despite your wickedness, there is still one person whom you truly love and care for, and when they are threatened, you forget about your schemes and devote your energy to removing this person from harm.
An artifact: Somewhere out there is a weapon or other artifact that can stop you in your tracks, should it ever be found.
Addiction: There's something you've just gotta have, and when it's in short supply, you're not at your best. 
A fragile ego: Despite your obvious success in the business of being bad, you still feel vulnerable and easily threatened. When your supremacy is challenged, you overreact.
Complacency: You've been on top so long that you have grown overly comfortable and secure. You tend to ignore warning signs that perhaps you may not be invulnerable after all.
A prophecy: Someone foretold your doom ages ago, and it will come about if certain conditions are met.