Thursday, May 23, 2013

D&D Mural Made by High School Gamers

I'm an art teacher. I play D&D. I used to run a D&D group after school for students, some of whom took art elective classes with me. One day I took them to a back hall and said, Your final project is to paint something here. This is what they did. It took them 3 months, and two of them came back a year later and added even more stuff.
In the basement, of course. Where's Waldo?
 On the left, a hoard of bad guys. A drow (with blue skin for some reason) redirects a lightning bolt from a blue dragon at his foes. Look for a beholder with a spare eye. On the right, the PCs, including a paladin, bard, half-orc rogue, and renegade drow whose name was Shade.
Three years ago the principal walks into my room and tells me the murals are being painted over, but not to worry because bulletin boards will be going up in their stead. I went out and snapped these shots before the modrons came and painted them over. Now it's a bare wall relieved only by furtive pencil sketches of genitalia. All my players have graduated. One had a baby. One plays keyboards in an alt-folk band. One's in law school. One's a nurse. Most of them still play D&D. With each other. I love 'em like they were my own kids.

Dragon blast!

Some of the PCs.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Free Map] Deeps of Chaos Level 2, Unkeyed

Another map for you. Again, if you want the keyed version, download the Deeps of Chaos map back from the sidebar. Enjoy.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Map] Chaos Deeps Level 1, Unkeyed

Here's a map I drew. Have fun with it. You can grab a keyed version by downloading the Deeps of Chaos map pack from the sidebar.