Friday, April 15, 2011

The Underdarkchocolate Realm

My spouse and daughter are planning an awesome birthday present for me in May. They're designing a dungeon module to run me through and they will have chocolate and other goodies hidden in various rooms for me/my PC to find. I did this for friends' birthdays when I was a lad -- we were pretty strict about not letting the birthday boy open a real present until he had found its simulacrum in the dungeon.
Anyone else ever have a dungeon-themed birthday party?

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  1. It was awesome. We played it this morning over a pot of tea and some muffins. My daughter had designed most of the encounters and my wife drew the dungeon map, using the wonderful Dave's Mapper random dungeon generator. There were silly potions, including one that turned me into Bullwinkle and another that gave me rocket-engine flatulence. The "treasures" were scattered through the dungeon. Every time I found a treasure in-game, I could pick a wrapped present from a big plastic box. I scored some Dad-style shirts, and a copy of "The Kids of Carcassonne" board game. I love my family!