Friday, August 26, 2011

[My Take On]... Wyverns

Wyvern. Pencil, 2011.
Wyverns look like dragons, with some key differences. They have one pair of hind claws, one pair of wings, and no fore claws. The barbed tail can deliver a powerful poison. Unlike dragons, wyverns cannot talk or use magic.

Wyverns live in mountainous places. They usually make a lair in a cave or ledge that is inaccessible to foot travel, reachable only by air. Usually either a young adult is encountered singly, or else a brooding pair, which may have one to four eggs or young. A hatchling usually imprints on the first person it sees, and may be raised as a flying mount.

A wyvern prefers to swoop down and snatch its prey in his claws, then sting it. On a successful Battle roll with its tail, the wyvern poisons its victim rather than removing Luck. The target can use a Muscle roll to remove successes from the tail attack. If one or more success remains, the target loses three dice from all action rolls until the end of the action scene. A paladin’s antidote spell can counter the poison.

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