Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[Infographic] Blue Box Monster Taxonomy UPDATED!

Sharp-eyed Zenopus pointed out several missing monsters from last night's post. I've added them and am ready to get on with my life. Here's the updated version:


  1. Oops, the displacer beast was left out again. How appropriate!

  2. And you were so moving on with your life... ;-)

  3. Now I'm working on the illustration for the wizard character sheet -- a task I was eager to put off because, well, it's harder to "sell" a wizard visually, I think. Finally have a decent sketch but I could still find a way to muck it up if I'm creative enough!
    Oh yeah, and the black pudding's still missing, too!

  4. Thanks very much for this.

    I think Minotaur is missing too.

    I'm going to 'shop the three into my copy.

    This is cool.

  5. OK, so displacer beast, black pudding, minotaur, and chimera. Got it!

  6. How did I miss this!? That is wonderful.

  7. I think the Whimsical and Legendary lines should be combined into a "Mythical" category - also the color coding is a bit confusing - what is the significance of the red beasts in the vermin - are they related to the red in the dragons?

    Oh and also: THIS IS AWESOME

    1. Thanks! Red = bloodsucker, purple = vermin.