Thursday, February 23, 2012

[New Monster] Ghoul

With the character sheets done, I'm turning my attention to the missing monsters in the ruleset. The first one I chose to tackle: ghouls. I like the classic RPG ghoul, but I wanted to give them more of a shtick and so I made them super fast and aggressive like the plague victims in 28 Days Later, to distinguish them from other low-level undead. Enjoy! 
Luck 10                  
Armor 0      
Move 8      climb
Battle 7      + paralysis unless Resisted; lose 1 Luck each turn
Muscle 7                     
Notice 3      No penalty in dim light or total darkness
Resist 2
Sneak 5
Stunt 8
A fast-moving undead scavenger whose bite can paralyze and turn you into a ghoul. 
Ghouls are undead creatures who haunt graveyards, crypts, and catacombs, looking for fresh corpses to feed upon. They appear as pale gray humans with fangs and long, sharp claws. When corpses are scarce, ghouls may go looking for live prey. They are astonishingly fast and agile. With their long claws, they can clamber along walls and ceilings at full speed.
A ghoul that scores one or more successes on a Battle roll paralyzes you as well as taking away Luck, unless you score as many or more successes on a Resist roll, or you receive a paladin’s antidote power. Each turn, make another Resist roll to overcome the paralysis. For each turn you spend paralyzed, you lose another Luck. If you get to zero Luck, you will rise the following turn as a ghoul, joining the ghoul pack and losing any memories of your former life. Only a paladin’s antidote power can bring you back to normal, but it must be done before the next sunrise or you will become a ghoul forever.

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