Sunday, September 30, 2012

[Actual Play] Gaming Season Opener

Rainy autumn afternoons in New England are made for dungeon crawling. My prime gaming season runs from October til April, when the thaw comes and the bass start biting again.

Today I ran a Dungeonteller game for two moms and their seven-year-olds, session two of (I hope) a continuing campaign. I used the Mad-lib style dungeon template I created on the blog a while back. The PCs have still barely penetrated the place, starting at the upper left. Today they fell into a pit trap, rescued a rogue from the pit, and used the rogue's lockpicking skills to enter the orc lair. The two surviving orcs were in the process of making off with their companion's loot. One was put to sleep, the other sent running (although he kept showing up in various funny vignettes as the PCs continued to explore -- eating a stale sandwich they had left behind, falling into the pit trap, and so on). We ended at the giant spiders' lair, center left. Fun times.

Fresh-baked snickerdoodles, hot coffee, and tea helped fortify us for the duration! We played for over two hours, which is a long time for a seven-year-old to keep focused.

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