Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Welcome to the Plunderdome

I want you to play my RPG, Dungeonteller. And I'm working on an adventure module that will blow you away, even if you never play it, because RPG books should be as fun to browse as they are to play. It's called Welcome to the Plunderdome and it's designed as a jumping-off point for a campaign OR just a sandbox setting. Here's some artwork to whet your appetite:


  1. Doug,

    I really like the look of your drawings. Ypu provide a lot of detail to the environments. The city, the dungeon geomorph sets, and now this.

    I am looking forward to see what mysteries and dangers lurk in: the Plunderdome~!

    David S
    Minnesota, USA

    1. Hi David,
      I really appreciate your posts. I'm about halfway done with the cutaway maps for the dungeons beneath the 'dome, and I've made a decent start with NPCs, plot, etc.

    2. Hi Doug! Your job is just freaking awsome!
      Im Brazilian, and had some good RPG campaings (some of then gone to self books).
      Im pretend to use this your set (Plunderdome) adapted in my new campaing... Congratulation in your great job. You have a great talent.
      Can we talk by whatsapp or facebook?
      My name is Neimar Souza May by facebook, or my phone is 55 47 9115 5511


  2. Looks fab and I concur with David S on your artwork. Looking forward to this!


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