Friday, December 27, 2013

Dungeonteller, Battle Ready Dungeon Maps, Rock Opera '79, etc.

This post is a bit of a catch-all, so apologies in advance.
1. The full-on version of my Dungeonteller RPG, with full-color player pack, full-color monster pages, and updated core rules, is still very much in play. I'm shopping it around and still hoping it can be published to the general market -- I have big ambitions for it. If I can't get any publishers to bite, I'll issue it in PDF and POD formats myself.

2. Set 2 in the Battle Ready 25mm Dungeon Maps series is waiting for approval from Should be a day or so. Set One is still available if you haven't yet snapped it up. The coolest feature in Set 2 is the Pro Room Builder that allows you to cut and paste elements to create your own rooms. Glue and scissors not included.

3. As Dungeonteller sits on an editor's desk, I've been working on the game mechanics for RockOpera '79. It's based on a standard deck of playing cards. Everyone comes to the game with a deck of cards and a few rock anthems from their collection (mP3 or 8-track, your choice), and when you say, "Let's Rock!", you crank up the tunes and the heroes get buffs and bonuses while the song is playing. The GM (known as "The Man") can play lite rock songs to weaken the heroes or disco songs to buff his evil minions.
This being the '70s, your star sign determines your stats (Chops, Heart, Mojo, and Muscle). The game will come with 12 iconic (fictional) rocker PCs to choose from, each based on a zodiac sign. In play, it really feels like you're in a band, taking (and trading) "solos" as the PCs take on discops, nobots, roller queens, and mud rakers as they battle their way to the penthouse of The Man and the oligarchs of the repressive Discocracy. The game might end up as my first Kickstarter offering.
4. For those of you who expressed interest in Faereich, (The Dirty Dozen fight their way through a dungeon to bring evil magic undead Nazis to justice) stay tuned.

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