Friday, January 31, 2014

Northern Crown, Rediscover'd

Nine years ago, Atlas Games published Northern Crown, my alternate-America RPG. People have been bugging me for years to update the game. Now I'm happy to tell you it's coming back in a Pathfinder-compatible edition from Battlefield Press.

Today, we’re announcing an agreement with Battlefield Press that allows them to bring Northern Crown author Doug Anderson’s vision of legendary North America up to date. They’ve shared with us a plan to combine the two existing Northern Crown volumes into one complete book, and in the process, update all material to the current Pathfinder rules. In addition, they plan to detail the Southern continent and create a new creature compendium for the setting.


  1. weird...I never put together the connection. I first stumbled onto Northern Crown because of internet search on Haints. Back in the day there wasn't much online about these great Southern traditional...things...

    Anyway, this is great news! Congratulations

  2. Looking forward to it! (And feeling less guilty about my own incomplete Pathfinder conversion.)

  3. I just found this. I was trying to email you!. I can't wait for the book.

    1. Hi Mike, I haven't heard anything about it since the deal was announced, and Battlefield Press has been absolutely silent on the subject. Wish I had more to tell you!


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