Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full-on Dungeonteller RPG Book is Here!

The Dungeonteller RPG book is now available for sale at!

It includes the complete free player's pack plus:

  • complete descriptions of actions and cool powers
  • rules for running the game (lighting, movement, combat, environment)
  • The Quibble Marches "Big Hexyland" hex and a map and description of Stormgate City and the Tides Inn to serve as a background for your first adventure
  • Plot, villain, and dungeon generators
  • Treasures, including gems, potions, wonders, scrolls, and gadgets
  • Five preview monsters from the upcoming monsters book due to hit the site in August!

Click here for a direct link to the product page.


  1. Nice! I wasn't expecting this for a couple weeks! Looking forward to getting ahold of this and giving it a good read and subsequent review on my blog. Question: are there character creation rules, or is it assumed that everyone will always start with the available hero sheets as a base?

    1. No character creation rules. You start with the optimized hero types, then customize them as you level up. Hope you like the game.

  2. Purchased! Been looking forward to it!