Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[Flavah Menu] Dwarf my Dwarf

Dwarf up. Pick from the menus to make your dwarves more dwarfy:

  • Dwarves are akin to golems, made long ago by an earth deity to protect the riches of the deep from avaricious intruders from the surface world. They are immortal unless slain in battle or take other grievous harm.
  • New dwarves aren't born, they're mined out of the earth as inert statues and brought to life by the touch of gold.
  • Dwarves are all male -- when the ancient fey races had a falling out, the feminine beings became elves, and the males, dwarves.
  • Dwarves are servants of the creator, responsible for shaping the nonliving parts of the world, as the elves are shapers of living things.
  • Dwarves are the distant kin of giants, driven underground by encroaching human cultures, and dwindled to their present size over centuries of life in the deep.
  • A dwarf can escape a debt of honor by lopping off one of his fingers in the presence of the person he is indebted to.
  • Dwarves' beards are like totem poles, braided in symbolic patterns that tell of the wearer's lineage.
  • Dwarves can't see in the dark -- they require lanterns or other light sources, just as humans do. They can, however, hear extremely well, and sense vibrations through the ground.
  • Dwarves fear direct sunlight because they believe their ancestors commune through the medium of darkness, and to isolate one's own shadow is to be without spiritual guidance.
  • Dwarves cry diamonds, but weep only at the loss of a comrade with whom they have shared great peril and trials of courage.
  • Upon death, dwarves turn to stone.
  • Dwarves will survive a future fiery holocaust that destroys the surface world.
  • Dwarves will be called upon by the creator to unmake the world at the end of time.

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