Sunday, January 1, 2012

[Free Stuff] Wondermorphs Sets 1 and 2

Hi, my first resolution of the new year is to make some of my hand-drawn geomorphs available to you as free PDFs. I calls 'em Wondermorphs. I draw them on 4/inch graph paper, using a Pilot pen, mostly without sketching first, although I will reach for my pencil when planning out some of the larger morphs, like the crypt in Set 2. I've played around with coloring them in PhotoShop, but for now they're in glorious, printer-friendly black and white. Because they're drawn in one-point perspective, with the nadir centered in the middle of each tile, they look great in any orientation.
You can print as many copies as you like, cut them out, and paste them together to make a dungeon layout. Or you can mount them on 2.5" coverstock or cardboard squares to make tiles that you can shuffle or pull out of a bag for building randomly/on the fly. Kids love to "explore the dungeon" by adding tiles and telling a story as they go along.
I give you my permission to make copies for your personal use, but please don't repost them without a linkback to this blog. I have more on the way, and I'll also take requests.
Here's to a year of wonder!
Link to PDF of Set 1:

Link to PDF of Set 2:

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