Wednesday, April 25, 2012

d12, d4 follow Monte Cook's Exit from D&D5e

Two iconic dice long-associated with D&D announced they were quitting WotC, following Monte Cook's recent exit. The d4 and the d12 held a press conference today in Regulus, on Mechanus, the Plane of Law, to announce the end of their relationship with the company. "Monte was our big advocate on the design team, and with him gone, we're afraid of being relegated once again to generating wizard and barbarian hit points and dagger damage." The other dice expressed disappointment in their decision, but praised the pair, saying they were "just a couple of regular polyhedrals like the rest of us."


  1. The other headline I considered was, "Monte Cook Travels Forward in Time to the Year 2014 and Quits 6e, too," but I like modrons.

  2. I kind of wish they really would lose certain dice. Especially the d4.


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