Monday, June 24, 2013

Dungeonteller Books Coming This Fall

Three books, called: monster book, hero book, and rule book. The plan is to make them available as POD hardcovers from Each book is an 8.5 x 8.5 square volume. They will look nifty as a set. Will they be pricey? Yes. Will I make money off them? Yes, a bit. Are you done putting up free stuff on your blog? No.
Here is a sample page from the monster book. Most of the artwork I did last year, then took a break to write Welcome to the Plunderdome and create the free player pack.



  1. Excellent. I'll look forward to these. However, please tell me that I'll be able to buy them in the UK without some sort of excessive postage charge? :-)

  2. Since I first posted, I've decided to switch to a print size that meets the print book distribution requirements for amazon and lulu's other partner sites. I'm hoping that means you can get a print-on-demand copy of the books from that's produced in the UK and not shipped across the pond.
    The new print size will be 8.25 x 10.75 inches, more like a standard hardcover gaming book. Full color throughout. This will be a book that gamers and kids will love to leaf through even if they never play Dungeonteller.

  3. Doug, thanks for the reply. It'll be excellent if I can buy them from Amazon UK. I'm looking forward to the finished books :-)

  4. Awesome, really looking forward to this!

  5. I'm just wondering: what does the Earth 5 water 0 air 0 boxes mean ?


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