Monday, August 13, 2012

12 Orcs

Suitable as paper miniatures and as icons for virtual tabletop games. Not for commercial use. Please do not repost this image without a linkback to my site.


  1. "I'm gonna get a sword!"
    (One-upmanship begins)
    "Fine, I'll do a sword and a shield!"
    "Sword, spear, and shield"
    *Frrrrt* (Orc in the lower right)
    "Look guys, if you each take more than one weapon some guys won't get any."



    "I want two shields, a spear, and two axes."

  2. They are so cute I would hug them to death.

  3. Gak! They're green! Is there no end to Games Workshop's reach.... :(

    Apart from the greeness they'#re great :)

    1. Thanks.

      What color do you consider canonical?

    2. ANY colour other than green :)

      All the orc minis you see are painted/ coloured green simply because Games Workshop started painting their orc/goblin minis green back in the 80s.

      Given GW's prime position in the fantasy gaming market, people now assume that orcs are green.

      The Lotr minis may change that.

      My own goblins (don't have any orcs) have red/orange/yellowish skin tones.

  4. Nice icons. Just saw your new illustrated orc page. I hope you plan on creating icons for all the monsters. Great look and feel!

  5. I have a goal of doing every monster in the Holmes blue book and making a big poster/infomatic with all the icons.