Monday, October 8, 2012

Sample Monster Book Page: Orcs!

OK, so you know that my kid-friendly RPG, Dungeonteller, is available as a free PDF download, right? But I'm not done. The next version will have full color illustrations throughout, including the monsters, of course. Here's a sample of how the layout is shaping up. Enjoy!


  1. I like it. I also am interested in the Luck mechanic in this. It's a nice way to avoid being overly morbid for some of the smaller kids, but you still get to say, "Sorry, kid, but your Luck just ran out."

    1. In brief: you have a dice pool equal to your Luck. It serves as your hit points AND the dice you roll when you're fighting, spellcasting, and so on. When you take damage, you lose one or more of your Luck dice. You can also spend Luck to use a special power. If you survive to the end of an encounter, you get all your Luck back immediately. Exactly what happens at zero Luck is up to your judgment. You fall down. You get captured. You have to sit out a few turns. You're dead. You can tweak it for the age of the kids you're DMing for.