Wednesday, December 5, 2012

[Bump] Dungeonteller Free All-Ages RPG Ruleset

In the spirit of Teach your Kids to Game week:

Still available for free download exclusively from this site:
Dungeonteller RPG complete ruleset. A fantasy RPG designed for big gamers to play with their young spawn. 
And 2-sided full color character sheets for dwarf, elf, paladin, rogue, warrior, and wizard!

Dungeonteller includes:
  • Optimized character classes ready to play out of the box, that can be customized as you play!
  • Niche-protected roles that make every class unique and valued.
  • One-roll task resolution mechanic with very simple, count-em-up math. Playable by kids as young as age 5!
  • Hit points AND dice pool tracked as a single resource.
  • Bye-bye, skills, bye-bye attributes, hello ten basic actions that encompass virtually everything you do!
  • Start with a few class powers and customize as you power-up!
  • Huge list of monsters and character powers
  • Unique pay-to-play initiative system
  • Class-customized tutorial adventure included.

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