Thursday, January 24, 2013

Iso Tiles Prototype

An exact match to the DM's iso map style. I'm looking into Kickstarting an iso tile set, not sure how much demand there is for it. Floors, pits, stairs, ladders...

Updated to include a proposed 100-piece set:



  1. thats way cool. PDF? or physical

  2. I would like to sell physical sets on heavy stock. A box of maybe 200 tiles, printed on two sides.

  3. I want a mapping app using these!

  4. Is this a full scale prototype? I like the look, but I'd only be interested in the final product if they are 1" squares, the same size as standard Dungeon Tiles.

  5. The tiles would fit 25mm-30mm figures. There would be side-view counters for monsters, PCs, furniture, doors, so that it would all appear in iso.

    1. I'm gathering quotes from printers over the next week, really want to make this happen. I'm predicting that $35-$40 will score you a box of tiles. If I get more money, I'll do some counters like doors, furniture, monsters, traps. May also throw in free vector files of the tiles for like a $10 pledge.

  6. The only problem I'd have with these is that minis/side view counters will surely look rather strange on them due to the perspective?