Thursday, May 5, 2016

[Adventure Design Tool] After Action Report

To help you design an adventure (any genre), pretend you're the leader of a party that just completed a mission or quest and that you're being interviewed or interrogated about what happened. Start from absolutely zero -- the plot of the adventure will suggest itself as you go along.

1. Tell me how Jones died. Don't spare any details.
2. Smith looks like she's aged about ten years in two days. How the hell does that happen?
3. You told me what you feared most going in there. Were you right? Tell me about the moment that froze your blood.
4. How'd you get that scar?
5. You're not telling me the whole truth. What are you hiding?
6. Did you get what you came for? Was it worth it?
7. What are they really like?
8. What happens now? There are bound to be repercussions.


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