Friday, June 28, 2013

[Preview] Wyvern from Dungeonteller Monster Book

Formatting, making templates, doing layout... I'm working on the dungeonteller books like a fiend, powered by iced coffee and enthusiasm. Here's how a typical page is shaping up. Full color, but with no annoying textured backgrounds or olde-timey fonts. Each page will typically have a map of the monster's lair or other handy info as well as the monster illustration itself. A couple of monsters have two-page entries, to accommodate stats for boss types as well as the base creature. There WILL be new monsters that aren't in the plain vanilla dungeonteller PDF, and some monsters in the PDF won't be in the hardcover. I'm using "dungeon adventure" as my focus, so woodland creatures like bears and boars will be in another volume down the road. (A few classic wilderness creatures like griffins and unicorns may survive the cut).


  1. The idea of putting in a view of the lair is a good one.

    PS Hope you'll have a cockatrice in the finished monster book :-)

    1. Cockatrice AND basilisk are in there. You can't make a cockatrice without a basilisk egg!

  2. I especially like the loot section.
    What does the danger 4 skull means? is it a sort of Challenge rating ?


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