Friday, August 16, 2013

It's A Dungeon Map... No, It's a Battle Mat

Good to be back after a long fishing holiday. Doug 1, Trout 0. I've created nearly all the monster illustrations for the monster book, and I'm working on another Dungeonteller adventure. This adventure will be bundled with the next version of the rulebook, and will include 25mm scale perspective maps that you can use with miniatures or improvised counters:

Each map can be printed on a standard piece of paper or cardstock. The style is 100% compatible with the cutaway dungeon maps I've been posting here for free. Of course, there's a master map that shows each battle mat in relation to the whole dungeon. You can mark 'em up, color on them, write notes. And they are VERY stingy on printer ink. The effect is pretty wow.


  1. Don't you mean 'pretty WOW!'?

    You need to do many, many more of these. Doesn't even need to be an adventure, just page after page of these.

  2. Absolutely brilliant. I agree with saroe. Do you take commissions...

  3. Hi Aaron, I do take commissions. My contact info is at the bottom of my blog page. Curious to hear what you have in mind!

  4. Agreed these are gorgeous. Have you considered doing a Kickstarter where the maps are printed and mailed out? I remember Gamingpaper doing something similar. I would gladly fund such a project although mailing cardstock could be quite inconvenient.

  5. Doug!

    I love the winding stairway...very dynamic. You have taken a flat piece of paper and made it into a 3-D battle scene. A scene I want to have a game on! There's a feeling of peril with that narrow stairwell and drop off... These maps are very evocative.

    The other one would be a fairly nameless and typical room in a dungeon. It's a room with some boxes and a table, but you made something that is really simple room (think of the box text!) into something cool.

    I love your style and line shading. It's a simple style, but has a good amount of detail to make it interesting to look at. It has an over-exaggerated look that give it a really really really fun cartoon feel. It's really the thing I enjoyed with your drawing of the campaign city.

    ANd the little details! Anyone who has not looked: torch as a light source and shadows of boxes and the table etc. Wonderful!

    David S.


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