Monday, August 19, 2013

More Hand-drawn Dungeon Rooms

These aren't scans, just quick snaps from my cell phone:



  1. Doug,

    I had kind of lost my "that rpg feeling" a bit. I don't know, it's sort of like rpg and mini painting ennui. I have not picked up a brush in several weeks and not felt like gaming much either. I don't think I have DM-ed since April or May.

    My wife was actually worried, as I like to paint as she does her knitting and cross-stitching, it's a time to hang out, and I have not been in the mood. I have not invited the gang over for a paint or game recently either, and she enjoys entertaining.

    I was out of the rpg mood: until now. A trip to the BLue BOxer, just out of habit more than anything, and the "ethusiasim tanks" have been refilled.

    These are really solid maps.

    thanks dude.


    1. Thanks, David, when my creative engine is running on fumes, it's great to hear that someone appreciates my work!


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