Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[Old School Swipe] Darlene Succubus

If you played AD&D with the original hardcovers, you probably remember this illustration of a succubus by Darlene:
But you probably don't know that the source illustration is undoubtedly Gustav Dore's engraving of Myrrha from Dante's Inferno:
Just add wings and horns, and hey presto!


  1. Hi Doug, I too have noted what illustrations inspired the early TSR artists. Here's one for you discover for yourself: The full-page illustration by Darlene also in the DM's guide (too lazy to tell what page--it's under 'the adventure' section) of a lady standing facing a group of characters I think raising her hand to them--that is based directly on a drawing by Aubrey Beardsley. Try and find which one.

    1. Crazy coincidence: last night I was trying to track down the source for that exact Darlene picture and I had it in my head that it was from Edward Burne Jones. Beardsley! Of course! It's from his Morte D'Arthur and he was a disciple of Burne Jones. I'll post the two side by side tonight!


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