Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Old School Swipe] Adventure Party

Thanks to Perpetual Role for helping me solve the mystery origins of this Darlene illustration:

For the longest time I thought it was from an Edward Burne Jones original when in fact it's based on a drawing from a Burne Jones protégé, the brilliant and short-lived Aubrey Beardsley:


  1. I knew you'd find it. Beardsley may have been short-lived, but imagine what he created in that brief time. His Arthurian illustrations are beyond amazing: his best work I think. Burne-Jones and even William Morris would have had trouble rivaling them.
    Of the two depictions above, though, Darlene's takes the cake in my opinion: the detailed trees look like a real weird-fantasy forest, and the water is realistically rendered. I do miss the variety of styles from that era. Today, it seems to all look the same.

  2. Hi Doug! I sent you an e-mail at your gmail! Thanks


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