Saturday, December 6, 2014

HeroForge 3D Printable Minis Screenshots

Posting screenshots of two of the custom minis I'm ordering through the Kickstarter reward for HeroForge. Even if you don't actually order the minis, the screenshot feature is a great way to create character portraits.
Shown are Kefl Dür, my D&D level 22 barbarian/rogue, and Kat aka Ekaterina, level 15 rogue/thief-acrobat, from a longstanding campaign back in the 3e and 3.5e era. Cool!

Kefl Dür


  1. Doug,

    They look pretty cool! Have you gotten the minis yet? I'd be interested in seeing a post of them when you do.

    As I am a figures guy: this is probably going to cost me some money.

    David S.

    1. I haven't received them yet but will definitely post photos when I get them. I'm really curious about the level of detail. They come in a translucent plastic that I will probably have to prime with spray primer. Happy holidays to you!

  2. I am no longer holding my breath for these minis. Hero Forge sent all the backers an email saying there have been production delays that will translate into several weeks additional wait time.