Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dungeonteller: The Anyone-Can-Play Fantasy RPG

Dungeonteller is the easy to learn and play fantasy RPG, created by a designer/illustrator/educator with kids and game-curious parents in mind. It looks and plays like no other, from the eye-popping vector-based art and full-color tutorial mini-posters to the innovative "lucky numbers" dice mechanic that even 5-year-olds can use intuitively. Four years in the making, it's kid tested and freaky family approved. You can even play it with no kids in sight -- lots of people do.

Key features include:

  • 9 premade character archetypes you customize through play: elf, dwarf, paladin, warrior, rogue, wizard, ranger, pixie, and witch, each with two-sided full-color character sheets that tell you in plain language what your character can do.
  • a core book that includes tutorial mini-posters, cool powers, gear, weapons, armor, treasure, rules for combat and exploration, and the Stormgate city setting to get your campaign kicked off.
  • a monster book with dozens of foes, including 6 unique dragons and fresh takes on the classic dungeon denizens like orcs, gnomes, and dark elves. Every monster gets its own page and full-color illustration.
  • MonsterMore, a supplement that adds another baker's dozen of monsters to the ones available in the original monster book.
  • Welcome to the Plunderdome, a FREE dungeon campaign with 5 amazing hand-drawn 3D maps (available for download from this blog).
  • Venture Hold, another dungeon campaign with 8 hand-drawn levels and a town/fortress map, dozens of NPCs, new monsters and treasures.
  • Big Hexy Land, the default world for Dungeonteller, with 9 insanely detailed hex maps showing nightmarish lands, adventure hooks, and node-based adventure webs
  • Big Hexy Land 2, which more than DOUBLES the size of Big Hexy Land with layered maps you can arrange in hundreds of combos.
  • A set of full-color cut-n-fold character and monster counters representing every entry in the monster book. The counters are 100% compatible with...
  • ...my Ultimate Hand-Drawn Isometric Battle maps, which let you create face-meltingly detailed illustrations  and maps of any dungeon layout
This is the game I made to introduce my kid and her buddies to RPGs. It was a labor of love and I hope it shows. Thanks to everyone who's supported me so far!

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