Thursday, July 16, 2015

Join the Dungeonteller Con Squad and Get Free Stuff!

Hey, Dungeonteller GMs or game groups:

If you pledge to run a Dungeonteller game at your next gaming convention, I will send you a free PDF bundle of Blue Boxer Rebellion products with a retail value of $14. This includes:

How does it work?

  1. Get a Dungeonteller game on the schedule/roster/program of an organized con.
  2. Send me a link to the con's web site so I can verify the game is on the schedule. Use the email embedded in the image below.
  3. I send you free stuff.
What happens if no one shows at your scheduled game? Nothing, as long as you were present at the com and ready and able to run the game. If you DO run the game and post photos or a brief after-action report, I will send you a free bonus product in addition to the above goodies: Big Hexyland 2!

Peace out. Here's the email address to get in touch with me:

1 comment:

  1. I can't promise to run at a con but I can suggest that you run a game on Roll20. is a free VTT with a lot of members (50k I think). I posted a game as a newbie user and GM with 4 hours notice and still had no trouble getting 6 players. They have a game announcement system that lets you put in for when you want to play and how many players can join. So if you want to show your game to new people it isn't a terrible way to do it. I should say that I am a user but in no way am I associated with the site.