Saturday, August 29, 2015

Get Northern Crown as Part of a Bundle of Holding Deal and Help Kids Read Good

Once upon a time a man wrote a roleplaying game about an alternate history colonial America with supernatural and horror elements. No, it wasn't Colonial Gothic. Or that Witch-Hunter book. Screw those guys. The name of the book was Superpresident Thomas Jefferson Beats Up Charles II while Dangling from a Burning Airship over New Amsterdam. Plus Paul Bunyan. Or maybe it was Northern Crown: New World Adventures. Anyhow, several people purchased the two hardcovers to prop open attic windows and the digital files were hidden in a Masonic vault beneath the Oval Office. Until now.

If you have a yen for gonzo alt-historical RPGs, there's a Bundle of Holding you need to get your hands on: BUNDLE OF THE AGES +2. Northern Crown is too refined for the basic bundle and is only available in the bonus deluxe bundle — NO RIFF-RAFF PLEASE. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to Redding is Fundamental, which I'm pretty sure is an advocacy group that educates people as to the crucial role that Noel Redding played as bassist for of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. A small remittance will go to the author as well, allowing him to continue to enjoy the lavish lifestyle typical of the third-party RPG author/illustrator. Thanks in advance.



  1. Not only do my Northern Crown books reside proudly in my game library amid the Ns, but I made the pair pointed birthday gifts to a couple different GMs. Regrettably, they did not take the hint.