Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Won't Buy From DTRPG Until They Fix Their Broken Submission System

A vile, tasteless RPG product with a rape-as-sport theme appeared on in recent days. It's been pulled from their catalogue, and rightly so. I hope that DTRPG finds its Ioun stones quickly and states categorically that they will not allow further submissions from publisher Scorched Urf' Studios or author Chris Field to be posted without careful vetting. As a DTRPG publisher myself, I know that once your first product submission has been given a look-over, you can submit more material without waiting for a live human to approve it. And that must work for them nearly all the time, because most of what's for sale there is fine, and they have hundreds of titles added every year. It's almost certain that this piece of misogynist garbage was made public with no human intervention. The author and publisher have a deep catalog of PDFs at DTRPG (including "Busty Extreme! Busty Magic Hentai", a copper best-seller I might add), and most seem to be harmless middle-of-the-road character class expansions or from the "Adventurer Essentials" series, which tells us what we can do with lanterns, rope, and holy water. What DTRPG needs to do is immediately own that it screwed up and that its approval process for submissions needs to be revamped. No dorm-room philosophical discussions about free will, no wait and see, just own it and fix it. Their tweets on the matter so far don't give me high hopes, though.


  1. It does seem odd, especially when they yanked the relatively innocuous Gamergate parody card game.