Monday, May 7, 2012

Your Ideal Fantasy RPG Boxed Starter Set Contains...

So I'm toying around with the idea of making one-off boxed sets of Dungeonteller. Which of the following components would you be excited about:
  • A set of full-color, satin finish 6" x 6" two-sided cardstock dungeon tiles in 1-inch/25 mm scale
  • A set of 100 business-card-sized cardstock minis with a monster or character illustration on one side, basic stats on the other, and 30 plastic stand-up bases you can swap out as needed
  • A wooden or metal box, laser-engraved, or otherwise elaborately surfaced
  • A drawstring bag of 10 dice with no numbers, just a different colored circle on each face, to make easy counts, even for young players, like I use in my own games
  • Drawstring bags of "gold" coins and plastic jewels to keep track of treasure
  • A deck of standard gear cards, for weapons, armor, etc. 
Some things it would certainly contain:
  • A coil-bound rulebook
  • Tons of full-color handouts, including a mini-guide for each character class
I'm thinking big with this one, not saying no to any one idea yet. This would be the ultimate drool-over boxed beginner's set of all time, with some elements hand-sculpted or painted by yours truly. I'm working on a prototype for my own satisfaction and will post updates as I make progress.


  1. WOW! That is one heck of a treasure chest of gaming goodness! :)

  2. While my immediate preference is "all of the above" (yes, I know, it's not listed as an option), I'm torn between the deck of standard gear cards and the two-sided cardstock dungeon tiles (especially if illustrated like your geomorphs).

  3. With all honesty Doug the only thing that excites me in the list is the coil-bound rulebook, all the rest is just distracting superfluous stuff. That's not a criticism because if you put together a set containing even half this stuff it would excite even the most jaded roleplayer palate. But I should point out that I'm going through a minimalist period at the moment.

  4. @ David: Don't worry, a plain vanilla version of the rules will be available too. I've almost finished the latest revision and will post it soon.

  5. I don't care about the fancy box. I love boxed sets-but just do some colorful awesome artwork. All the other stuff sounds like good ideas for candy-baiting my kids.

  6. well, in my opinion, the rulebook is going to be a bit necessary for detail. that said, i think the book is more of a requirement. now, as to the "options".... my personal preferance would be to put the business-card thoughts to use as "gear-cards" picture on front, stats on back. and a "poker-card" sized cardstock with character pics on the front and room on the back for character stats (this would also allow pre-gen characters). though i do like the idea of the plastic coins and gems, i think the dice with dicebag would be better suited. but if you want to throw the plastic treasure in there, i'd say a bag of a diffirent color would be in order. and also an order form for more treasure pieces (we all know adventurers LOVE treasure).