Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Editable Custom Megahexes

Remember Big Hexyland, the modular fantasy world I published last year? The sequel is on the way and I've added feature-by-feature edibility on some of the maps. Behold, this is a desert square with everything on it, all the toppings:
One desert with everything.

The PDF will have about 40 layers that you can show or hide individually. You can leave out individual mountain barriers along the edge of the hex to control access or link multiple mexahexes of the same terrain type. You can make custom maps for your players that leave certain features hidden. You can make custom coastlines so that any megahex can become a coastal hex. The set will include an editable sea hex, desert hex, alpine hex, woodland hex, and a few unique hexes more akin to the hexes in Set 1. Hoping to have it ready for sale in a week or so.
With edits.

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